iBootis is an interesting and unusual quaternary system with a mixed industrial and Marine economy, and also a member of the Federation. Chango is an outdoor water world and orbits iBootis A – a GOV white-yellow star similar to Earth’s Sol. Chango is essentially a giant fish farm. People live on giant floating cities that slowly move with the migration of the fish – mostly species imported from ancient Earth.

Allegience: Federation
Economy: Industrial
Government: Democracy
Population: 2.2 Million

Locations [Beta 2.02]

iBootis > Chango
iBootis > Chango > Chango Dock
iBootis BCD
iBootis BCD > iBootis BC
iBootis BCD > iBootis B (star)
iBootis BCD > iBootis C (star)
iBootis BCD > Maher
iBootis BCD > Maher > Maher Prime
iBootis BCD > Maher > Maher Prime > Dustball

Dockable Stations [Beta 2.02]

iBootis > Chango > Chango Dock

Trade [Beta 2.02]

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