Aulin is a system under Federal control, who’s high population and technology will make it a popular destination.  For trading, Aulin is a system that offers one of the better trade routes to iBootis, another nearby (3.52 ly) Federation member.

Allegience: Federation
Economy: High Tech
Government: Corporate
Population: 750,000

Locations [Beta 1.03]

Aulin > Nirvana
Aulin > Nirvana > Aulin Enterprise (Dockable)
Aulin > Aulin 1
Aulin > Aulin 3
Aulin > Aulin 4

Dockable stations [Beta 1.03]

Aulin Enterprise is the primary dockable station for this system. This station has some good trading opportunities, but limited equipment.

Trading – Aulin to iBootis [Beta 1.03]

He is an overview of the trade route:


Buy (depending on your available credits):
Terrain Enrichment (approx. 3961) – Estimated profit per unit: 698


Buy (depending on your available credits):
Fish (approx. 389 credits) – Estimated profit per unit: 254

So, as you can see from the prices and profit listed above. The trade route from Aulin to iBootis is much better for trading than the route back.

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