Standard beta to be released on 29th July 2014

Frontier Developments have released their #33 newsletter, detailing upcoming changes and the iminent release of the next version.

On 29th July, Standard beta will be available for both the combat missions and the multiplayer game. The lifetime expansion pass will no longer be available from this date, so make sure you make the most of the opportunity to purchase all major DLC content for the reduced price.

Other topics covered are:

Peek of the Week

The Lakon Type-6 is coming along nicely and a WIP (work-in-progress) render is available here:
Lakon Type-6 WIP render

.. and some cockpit pics of the Lakon Type-6:

Lakon type 6 - cockpit

Lakon type 6 - cockpit 2

From newsletter #32, we saw another upcoming ship which looks a lot like the Viper Mk II. I have read law enforcement response is one of the things to be included in Standard Beta and the no fire areas around stations will be patrolled (or at least reinforced) by the stations defence forces.

Viper mk II WIP render

Paint Jobs

One new addition is the possibility of purchasing paint jobs for your ships. In newsletter #30, F.D. released an example of different paint jobs (below) and in newsletter 33 they have an example of the Eagle in glorious camoflage. The specifics of how much the paint jobs will cost have not currently been stated.

Eagle paint Jobs WIP

The Eagle demonstrated on newsletter #33, click for the Youtube video:

Plan Your Route to Riches

Another addition coming with Standard Beta is a visual representation of the trade routes for each commodity from a given base. This is shown on the Galaxy map and suggests changes to the user interface inside the stations.

Taking screen captures with ALT+F10

There was also an overview of how Elite: Dangerous is being built with the future in mind. The rending engine supports resolutions up to 4k already, so if you press ALT+F10 for a high resolution screen capture, it created the image at 4X the current resolution.

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