Sorbago – Imperial Disputed system – Slave revolt

This system is currently [21/12/2014] in a disputed state, with the local government fighting against the Imperial navy. This includes high and low warzones, each offering 3000 CR for the destruction of faction ships. As I am aiming to become established with the Imperial navy, this is the only way I have found to directly work for them.

Inside the war zones on both sides a selection of mostly Pythons, ASPs, Anacondas and Imperial Clippers. Some smaller ships are present and all offer the same bounty.

As I am using a combat spec Eagle, the larger ships take up too much time to wear down. This is a good way of getting some kills though as there is a steady stream of ships to fight against.

The nearest High Tech system for fitting your ship is Amphisatu.

Sorbago - Imperial Disputed system - Slave revolt

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