The Sidewinder is the first ship you will own as it is given to you at the start of the game. It is quite a basic ship and is not very effective for either combat or trading. The good news is a Sidewinder option is free when your ship is destroyed. You can either pay back the insurance on your destroyed ship or select to have a free Sidewinder.

For new players learning the game and just exploring the local area, it is recommended to use these disposable ships. I expect pirates and griefers will also be using them to attack players with larger ships ready to scoop up any cargo.

32,000 CR

2x Utility Mount[s]
2x Small Hardpoint[s]

1 x Size 1 Internal compartment[s]
2 x Size 2 Internal compartment[s]

Fuel Store (Default):
Fuel Capacity: 2

Internal Compartments (Default):
Shield Generator (loaned)
Cargo Rack Capacity 4
Basic Discovery Scanner

Custom Ship sidewinder ship skins

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