The Zorg Peterson manufactured Hauler is the first entry-level trader currently available. Any players looking to earn there credits by trading (and that is essential with the current Beta release), will want to upgrade to a Hauler as soon as possible. With four times the cargo space, you can effectively make times the profit.

This is a basic ship though and with only a single class 2 weapon mount and limited maneuverability, you will need to be limiting your trading to relatively secure routes.

52,720 CR

2x Utility Mount[s]
1x Small Hardpoint[s]

1 x Size 1 Internal compartment[s]
1 x Size 2 Internal compartment[s]
2 x Size 3 Internal compartment[s]

Fuel Store (Default):
Fuel Capacity: 4

Internal Compartments (Default):
Shield Generator (loaned)
Cargo Rack Capacity 4
Cargo Rack Capacity 4
Basic Discovery Scanner

Checked: Beta 3.03

Example Ship

I have upgraded the cargo capacity, drive, power plant and distributor. Below is the drive range details for the ship.

Small Hardpoint: Pulse laser
Bulkheads: Lightweight
Reactor: Type D Class 2
Thrusters: Type D Class 2
Frame Shift Drive: Type C Class 2
Life Support: Type E Class 1
Power Distributor: Type C Class 1
Sensors: Type E Class 1
Fuel Tank: Type C Class 2
Internal [class 3]: Cargo Rack 8
Internal [class 3]: Cargo Rack 8
Internal [class 2]: Shield Generator
Internal [class 1]: Docking Computer

Drive Range for the above:

Unladen 16.82 Ly
Fully Laden [16] 11.08 Ly

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