In Elite Dangerous, there will be many different types of ship to fit the different playing styles and status within the game. Currently, only some of the ships are available as the game.

Here is the current price list for ships:

Elite Dangerous Combat Ships

Eagle – 44.8k CR

Viper – 142.9k CR

Elite Dangerous Multi-role Ships

Sidewinder – 32k CR

Adder – 87, 808 CR

Cobra Mk III – 249.7k CR

ASP – 6.66M CR

Imperial Clipper – 22.3M CR

Federal Dropship – 37.8M CR

Python – 56, 978, 179 CR

Anaconda – 146.9M CR

Elite Dangerous Trade Ships

Hauler – 52.7k CR

Lakon Type-6 – 1,045, 945 CR

Lakon Type-7 – 17, 472, 252 CR

Orca – 48, 539, 887 CR

Lakon Type-9 – to be added CR




Elite Dangerous Adder


The Adder is another classic design, this ship was tailored as a general utility vessel. The original model was first built in 2914 by Outworld [More...]
Anaconda docking


The Anaconda can be seen in this Frontier Development Youtube video: The Mighty Anaconda Cost: 146, 969, 451 CR


The ASP Explorer is the civilian version of the military model Asp MkII. Cost: 6,661,153 CR Hardpoints: 4x Utility Mount[s] 4x Small Hardpoint[s] 2x Medium [More...]

Cobra Mk III

The Cobra Mk III is a multi-role ship, capable on both small scale trading and combat applications. With 4 weapon hardpoints and 2 utility mounts, [More...]
Elite Dangerous Eagle


The Eagle long range fighter was the starting ship in Elite 2: Frontier released many years ago. For Elite Dangerous, the Eagle is the first [More...]
Elite Dangerous Federal Dropship

Federal Dropship

Cost: 37,814,205 CR Hardpoints: 4x Utility Mount[s] 4x Medium Hardpoint[s] 1x Large Hardpoint[s] Internals: 1 x Size 2 Internal compartment[s] 2 x Size 3 Internal [More...]
Zorgon Peterson Hauler - In flight


The Zorg Peterson manufactured Hauler is the first entry-level trader currently available. Any players looking to earn there credits by trading (and that is essential [More...]
Elite Dangerous Imperial Clipper

Imperial Clipper

Cost: 22,295,806 CR Hardpoints: 4x Utility Mount[s] 2x Medium Hardpoint[s] 2x Large Hardpoint[s] Internals: 2 x Size 2 Internal compartment[s] 2 x Size 3 Internal [More...]
Elite Dangerous Lakon Type 6

Lakon Type 6

Cost: 1,045,945 CR Hardpoints: 3x Utility Mount[s] 2x Small Hardpoint[s] Internals: 2 x Size 2 Internal compartment[s] 1 x Size 3 Internal compartment[s] 2 x [More...]

Lakon Type 7

The Type 7 Transporter is Lakon Spaceway’s medium size transport vessel. This is a new model, released in 3290. It’s slow but moves a lot [More...]
Lakon Type9 Hangar

Lakon Type 9

The Lakon Type-9 is the next logical progression as a dedicated trade vessel from the Zorg Peterson Hauler. With 440 tonnes of cargo space, this [More...]
Elite Dangerous Orca


Saud Kruger are famed for their range of luxury passenger vessels. This is their top of the line vessel (although they do offer custom built [More...]
Elite Dangerous Python


Another classic design that has survived the centuries. The first vessel was constructed in 2700 by Whatt and Pritney Ship Constructions. With the demise of [More...]


The Sidewinder is the first ship you will own as it is given to you at the start of the game. It is quite a [More...]
Viper mark 2


The Viper is a  medium combat/multi-role fighter. The Viper is used by local police and naval forces to fulfill an intercepter and patrol craft. Cost: [More...]

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