Locating Trade Goods

The Galaxy map provides tools for filtering the type of system population, allegiance, government, economy, star class, cartographics shop and trade data shop.
There is also options for selecting a minimum and maximum population size.

To view these options, select Map instead of Realistic.

Locating Trade Goods

The trade routes are coloured routes which are linked to the commodity type. So, you could go through the commodity list and remove those goods that are too low to trade. It can also be useful when locating commodities for missions.

One very useful option is to select the fastest route instead of the most economical. Doing this would save many jumps on a long journey.

Ranks and Career Paths

The main focus of players of Elite Dangerous  is to achieve the coveted Elite rank in different disciplines. While the exact calculations are not known. The earning of the security, trading and exploration ranks is based upon how many credits you have earned in performing tasks.

Security Ranks Trading Ranks Exploration Ranks
Harmless Penniless Aimless
Mostly Harmless Mostly Penniless Mostly Aimless
Novice Peddler Scout
Competent Dealer Surveyor
Expert Merchant Trailblazer
Master Broker Pathfinder
Dangerous Entrepreneur Ranger
Deadly Tycoon Pioneer
Elite Elite Elite

This means that taking high value missions for assassination of a single target would be a quicker way to earn your security rank than many low value targets.

With factions, ranks are a bit different and you are currently provided a rank after you have completed a number of missions. I would say the current faction progression method is most likely due for review and change as I quickly sprinted through several Imperial ranks with very little work being done. That was after I became friendly with them while working as a mercenary  during the Sorbago rebellion.

Federal Rank Imperial Rank
Recruit Outsider
Cadet Serf
Midshipman Master
Petty Officer Squire
Chief Petty Officer Knight
Warrant Officer Lord
Ensign Baron
Lieutenant Viscount
Lieutenant Commander Count
Post Commander Earl

With some faction ships, players will need to earn a certain rank before they are able to purchase them. Currently that is just for the Imperial Clipper (Baron) and Federal Dropship (Ensign), but I assume more will be added at a later date.

Advanced Ship Management Techniques

In Elite Dangerous there are a number of features that provide additional control over the player’s ship and their systems:


These are used to assign fire buttons to weapons or ship modules. Players commonly assign firegroups for modules such as Kill Warrant Scanners, Frameshift Drive Interdictors and Frameshift Wake Scanner. They can also be used for assigning chaff, shield cells or heat sinks to secondary fire groups.

Advanced Ship Management Techniques Modules

Module Power Management

Inside the Modules screen, there is the list of modules and the amount of power currently being used. You can switch modules off if needed (you do not wish to remove a good quality fuel scoop as they are difficult to find at your location) and specify which modules have are of the higher priority. If you suffer disruption to your ship power systems, you can ensure the life support, shields and thrusters remain operational by increasing their priority. Another option is to switch the cargo hatch module off if you have a dedicated combat ship with no cargo space.

Ship Power Management

Good power management is something which can set apart a good player from a very good one. There should always be a focus for power with whatever situation you are currently in. If in combat, you would most likely require energy for weapons or shields. While in general flight, assigning power to engines increases your top speed.

Advanced Ship Management Techniques Functions


The functions screen provides a multitude of options including Faction selection from within a warzone. There is also options for how turrets behave with target selection. If you are looking to take screen shots, you may wish to turn off the orbit lines from this screen. Reboot/Repair is an option when you can cannibalize working modules to repair a module with less than 5% health. If you do not have a module over 5% or a module with less than 5%, this process will fail. The ship will also not respond during this process.


When interdicted by another ship, first try to escape normally. You can reduce your speed to help keep the ship in the exit corridor, but if it looks like you will be caught, it is better to reduce your speed to zero and submit to the interdiction. This results in a much less frameshift drive cool down of only 10 seconds instead of 40 by default.
Switch to full speed, assign power to engines and boost away while lining up to the current destination.

Rare Goods

Below is a list of special rare commodities. These are only available in limited quantities. For the best prices, travel 150Ly from the producing system.

39 Tauri Porta 17 t 1-15 t 938 Tauri Chimes 991
47 Ceti Glushko & Kaufmanis 7,12 t 4,11 t 2654 Aepyornis Egg, Ceti Rabbits 600000
Aegaeon Schweikart Station 14 t 0-9 t 1283 Chateau De Aegaeon 11655
Aerial Andrade Legacy 15 t 3-15 t 621 Edan Apples of Aerial 180
Alacarakmo Weyl Gateway 14 t 9-14 t 1421 Alacarakmo Skin Art 16
Alpha Centauri Hutton Oribtal 7 t 1-6 t 3319 Centauri Mega Gin 0.22 Ly
Altair Solo Orbiter 14-26 t 2-26 t 489 Altairian Skin 661
Alya Malaspina Gateway 16 t 2-7 t 454 Alya Body Soup 540000
Anduliga Celsius Estate ND 0-11 t 891 Anduliga Fire Works 626220
Any Na Libby Orbital 11 t 5-11 t 1820 Any Na Coffee 581
Arouca Shipton Orbital 12 t 1-6 t 1203 Arouca Conventula Sweets 410
AZ Cancri Fisher Station 7 t 1-4 t 6442 Az Cancri Formula 42 16
Baltah’Sine Baltha’sine Station 18 t 8-10 t 825 Baltha’sine Vacuum Krill 356
Banki Parsons Vista 18 t ND 634 Banki Amphibious Leather 531869
Bast Hart Station 10 t 4-5 t 1089 Bast Snake Gin 202
Belalans Boscovich Ring 11 t 3-6 t 364 Belalans Ray Leather 77.6
CD-75 661 Kirk Dock 12 t 5-11 t 2373 CD-75 Kitten Brand Coffee 339
Cherbones Chalker Landing 3 t 2-3 t 12550 Cherbones Blood Crystals 576740
Chi Eridani Steve Masters station 18 t 5-12 t 790 Chi Eridani Marine Paste 2181
Coquim Hirayama Installation 20 t 4-13 t 255 Coquim Spongiform Victuals 606
Damna Nemere Market 15 t 2-8 t 315 Damna Carapaces 2532
Dea Motrona Pinzon Dock 13 t 11 t 7420 Motrona Experience Jelly 1700000
Delta Phoenicis Trading post 17 t 2-17 t 211 Delta Phoenicis Palms 3799
Deuringas Shukor Hub 7 t 2-5 t 1892 Deuringas Truffles 798
Diso Shifnalport 15 t 1-10 t 340 Diso Ma Corn 284
Eleu Finney Dock 13 t 2-4 t 863 Eleu Thermals 333
Epsilon Indi Mansfield Orbiter 11 t 3-8 t 978 Indi Bourbon 143
Eranin Azeban City 8 t 1-7 t 1633 Eranin Whiskey 297
Eshu Shajn Terminal 9 t 1-6 t 2050 Eshu Umbrellas 1742
Esuseku Savinykh Orbital 10 t 1-10 t 2450 Esuseku Caviar 276
Ethgreze Bloch Station 7 t 1-7 t 3308 Ethgreze Tea Buds 351
Fujin Futen Spaceport 10 t 2-10 t 1003 Fujin Tea 559
Geawen Obruchev Legacy 26 t 26 t 1022 Geawen Dance Dust 426261
George Pantazis Zakam Platform 16 t 3-16 t 1827 Pantaa Prayer Sticks 45
Geras Yurchikhin Port 29 t 9-14 t 456 Gerasian Gueuze Beer 1052931
Goman Gustav Sporer Port 16 t 3-11 t 1451 Goman Yaupon Coffee 291
Haiden Searfoss Enterprise ND 1-8 t 1347 Haidne Black Brew 561080
Havasupai Lovelace Port 2 t 1-2 t 9636 Havasupai Dream Catcher 601314
Hecate RJH1972 13 t 2-6 t 1190 Live Hecate Sea Worms 570
Heike Brunel City 8 t 1-6 t 1920 Ceremonial Heike Tea 406
Helvetitj Friend Orbital 6 t 1-3 t 3620 Helvetitj Pearls 444
HIP 10175 Stefanyshyn-Piper Station 13 t ND 2105 HIP 10175 Bush Meat 4850
HIP 41181 Andersson Station ND ND 1488 HIP Proto-Squid 536714
HIP 59533 Burnham Beacon ND ND 806 Burnham Bile Distillate 529600
HIP 80364 Stasheff Colony 19-36 t 15-36 t 385 HIP Organophospates 2632
Holva Kreutz Orbital 7 t 1-6 t 6518 Holva Duelling Blades 22000
HR 7221 Veron City 16 t 1-14 t 415 HR 7221 Wheat 1886
Irukama Blaauw City 12 t 2-7 t 1810 Giant Irukama Snails 323
Jaradharre Gohar Station 4 t 1-4 t 12706 Jaradharre Puzzle Box 526178
Jaroua Mccool City 18 t 2-16 t 385 Jaroua Rice 143
Jotun Icelock 10 t 10 t 1252 Jotun Mookah 80
Kachirigin Nowak Orbital 10 t 2-9 t 473 Kachirigin Filter Leeches 340
Kamitra Hammel Terminal 6 t 1-4 t 5800 Kamitra Cigars 82
Kamorin Godwin Vision 12 t 1-8 t 2678 Kamorin Historic Weapons 445
Kappa Fornacis Harvestport 17 t 1-10 t 773 Onion Head 918
Karetii Sinclair Platform 5 t 2-5 t 5225 Karetii Couture 990
Karsuki Ti West Market 18 t 7-11 t 915 Karsuki Locusts 28
Kinago Fozard Ring 3 t 1 t 7279 Kinago Violins 1723
Kongga Laplace Ring 16 t 1-12 t 595 Kongga Ale 254
Korro Kung Lonchakov Orbital 20 t 6-14 t 220 Koro Kung Pellets 622040
Lave Lave Station 7 t 4-7 t 3543 Lavian Brandy 302
LDS 883 Smith Reserve 7 t 3-5 t 1664 Chameleon Cloth 54480
Leesti George Lucas 14 t 1-9 t 462 Leestian Evil Juice 257
Leesti George Lucas 7 t 2-7 t 4164 Azure Milk 257
LFT 1421 Ehrlich Orbital ND 3-11 t 2357 Void Extract Coffee 773000
LP 375-25 King Gateway 13 t 13 t 1365 Honesty Pills 514700
Mechucos Brandenstein Port 8 t ND 1345 Mechucos High Tea 534137
Medb Vela dock 18 t 18 t 416 Medb starlube 1686844
Mokojing Noli Terminal ND ND 2681 Mokojing Beast Feast 539400
Momus Reach Tartarus Point 7 t 3-7 t 1836 Momus Bog Spaniel 413
Mukusubii Ledyard Dock 15 t 3-5 t 654 Mukusubii Chitin-os 505430
Mulachi Clark Terminal 17 t 11-17 t 86 Mulachi Giant Fungus 600000
Neritus Toll Ring 13 t 6-7 t 850 Neritus Berries 524
Ngadandari Napier Terminal 10 t 3-5t 16028 Ngandandari Fire Opals 502357
Nguna Biggle Hub 18 t 2-9 t 930 Nguna Modern Antiques 1870
Ngurii Cheranovsky City 4 t 17000 Soonill Relics 1265
Njangari Lee Hub ND 7 t 650 Njangari Saddles 21400
Ochoeng Roddenberry Gateway 14 t ND 998 Ochoeng Chillies 484
Orrere Sharon Lee Free Market 16 t 6-7 t 533 Orrerian Vicious Brew 963
Phiagre Greeboski’s Outpost 6 t 1-2 t 6552 Giant Verrix 85
Quechua Crown Ring 10 t 1-6 t 2538 Albino Quechua Mammoth Meat 120
Rajukru Snyder Terminal 16-27 t 6-27 t 682 Rajukru Multi-Stoves 117
Rapa Bao Flagg Gateway 11 t 5-6 t 550 Rapa Bao Snake Skins 2338
Rusani Fernandes Market 10 t 3-5 t 5810 Rusani Old Smokey 72
Sanuma Dunyach Gateway 17 t 1-16 t 860 Sanuma Decorative Meat 6000
Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial 6 t 4-6 t 3710 Waters of Shintara 347
Tanmark Cassie-L-Peia 9 t 1-5 t 1814 Tanmark Tranquil Tea 414
Tarach Tor Tranquillity 8 t 1-7 t 1056 Tarach Spice 359
Terra Mater Gr8minds 5 t 7824 Terra Mater Blood Bores 504
Thrutis Kingsbury Dock 11 t 1 t 925 Thrutis Cream 288
Tiolce Gordon Terminal 16 t 9 t 1153 Tiolce Waste 2 Paste 158
Toxandji Tsunenaga Orbital 14 t 2-14 t 539 Toxandji Virocide 7000
Uszaa Guest Installation 14 t 3-11 t 965 Uszaian Tree Grub 4350
Utgaroar Fort Klarix 15 t 3-10 t 1795 Utgaroar Millennial Eggs 171
Uzumoku Sevrdup Ring 7 t 4-7 t 8496 Uzumoku Low-G Wings 505300
V1090 Herculis Kaku Plant 20 t 2-15 t 160 V Herculis Body Rub 1233592
Vanayequi Clauss Hub 10 t 3-10 t 615 Vanayequi Ceratomorpha Fur 81
Vega Taylor City 8 t 2-6 t 2398 Vega Slimweed 1100
Vidavanta Lee Mines 5 t 2 t 6771 Vidavantian Lace 556882
Volkhab Vernadsky Dock 6 t 3 t 3262 Volkhab Bee Drones 408
Wheemete Eisinga Enterprise 19 t 5-10 t 262 Wheemete Wheat Cakes 551628
Witchhaul Hornby Terminal 9 t 2-5 t 4520 Witchhaul Kobe Beef 219
Wolf 1301 Saunders’s Dive 13 t 2-4 t 712 Wolf Fesh 415
Wulpa Williams Gateway 10 t ND 1175 Wulpa Hyperbore Systems 28
Wuthielo Ku Tarter Dock 17 t 1-16 t 420 Wuthielo Ku Froth 145
Xihe Zhen Dock 7 t 3-7 t 4482 Xihe Biomorphic Companions 1965
Yaso Kondi Wheeler Market 5t 1 t 6060 Yaso Kondi Leaf 114
Zaonce Ridley Scott 1 t 1 t 24590 Leathery Eggs 400
Zeessze Nicollier Hanger 18 t 1-18 t 380 Zeessze Ant Grub Glue 489

I am looking to provide credit for the author of this list. If you created it, please let me know so that I can add where it was sourced from. A Google doc version is here:

Trading Commodities

Below is the prices to serve as a guide of which goods are the most valuable. Tables aren’t very friendly for mobile devices, so a PDF version will be made available once the data has been collated.

Type Commodity Average Produced by Consumed by
Chemicals Explosives 378 High Tech, Refinery Extraction
Chemicals Hydrogen Fuel 147 All All
Chemicals Mineral Oil 259 Agricultural Refinery
Chemicals Pesticides
Consumer Items Clothing 395 Industrial All
Consumer Items Consumer Technology 7031 High Tech All except High Tech
Consumer Items Domestic Appliances 631 Industrial All
Foods Algae
Foods Animal Meat 1460 Agricultural All except Agricultural
Foods Coffee 1387 Agricultural All except Agricultural
Foods Fish 493 Agricultural All except Agricultural
Foods Food Cartridges 206 Industrial All except Agricultural
Foods Fruit and Vegetables 395 Agricultural All
Foods Grain 275 Agricultural All except Agricultural
Foods Synthetic Meat 324 High Tech All except Agricultural
Foods Tea 1646 Agricultural All except Agricultural
Industrial Materials Polymers 216 Refinery Military, Terraforming and Industrial
Industrial Materials Semiconductors 1029 Refinery Terraforming and Industrial
Industrial Materials Superconductors 7031 Refinery Terraforming, High Tech and Industrial
Legal Drugs Beer 240 Agricultural All
Legal Drugs Liquor 738 Agricultural and Industrial All
Legal Drugs Wine 324 Agricultural All
Legal Drugs Tobacco
Ilegal Drugs Narcotics
Machinery Microbial Furnaces 266 High Tech Refinery
Machinery Mineral Extractors 700 Industrial Extraction
Machinery Power Generators 631 Industrial All except Industrial
Machinery Water Purifiers 378 Industrial All except Industrial
Machinery Atmospheric Processors
Machinery Crop Harvesters
Machinery Marine Equipment
Medicines Agri-Medicines
Medicines Basic Medicines 395 High Tech and Industrial All except High Tech and Industrial
Medicines Performance Enhancers 7031 High Tech Agricultural, Industrial, Refinery, Extraction and Military
Medicines Progenitor Cells 7031 High Tech All except High Tech
Medicines Combat Stabilisers
Metals Platinum 18809 Refinery
Metals Palladium 13527 Extraction All except Agricultural, Refinery, Extraction and Military
Metals Gold 9742 Extraction and Refinery All except Agricultural, Refinery, Extraction and Military
Metals Beryllium 8549 Refinery High Tech and Industrial
Metals Indium 6175 Refinery High Tech and Industrial
Metals Gallium 5426 Refinery High Tech and Industrial
Metals Silver 5088 Extraction and Refinery All except Agricultural, Refinery, Extraction and Military
Metals Tantalum 4196 Refinery High Tech and Industrial
Metals Uranium 2869 Refinery High Tech and Industrial
Metals Lithium 1749 Refinery High Tech and Industrial
Metals Titanium 1154 Refinery High Tech and Industrial
Metals Cobalt 823 Extraction and Refinery High Tech and Industrial
Metals Copper 570 Refinery Industrial
Metals Aluminium 412 Refinery Industrial and Military
Minerals Painite 33000 None All
Minerals Bertrandite 2694 Extraction Refinery
Minerals Indite 2378 Extraction Refinery
Minerals Gallite 2101 Extraction High Tech and Refinery
Minerals Coltan 1550 Extraction Refinery
Minerals Urannite 1029 Extraction Refinery
Minerals Lepidolite 700 Extraction Refinery
Minerals Rutile 412 Extraction High Tech and Refinery
Minerals Bauxite 216 Extraction Refinery
Technology Computer Components
Technology Advanced Catalysers 3055 High Tech Refinery
Technology Robotics
Technology Bioreducing Lichen 1089 High Tech Extraction
Technology H.E. Suits 277 High Tech Industrial, Refinery, Extraction and Military
Technology Resonating Separators 5803 High Tech Refinery
Technology Auto-Fabricators
Technology Animal Monitors
Technology Aquaponic Separators
Textiles Synthetic Fabrics 252 Refinery Industrial
Textiles Leather
Textiles Natural Fabrics
Waste Biowaste 74 All except Agricultural Agricultural
Waste Chemical Waste 79
Waste Scrap 96 High Tech, Military and Industrial Refinery
Weapons Non-Lethal Weapons 1976 High Tech and Military All
Weapons Personal Weapons 4474 High Tech, Military and Industrial All
Weapons Reactive Armour 2235 High Tech and Military All
Weapons Battle Weapons
Other Imperial Slaves

Naval Rank Ascension Missions

In Elite Dangerous, I am playing as an RPG character which will be working as a Bounty Hunter and Imperial Mercenary, leading towards a military career as a soldier of the Empire.

Updated Ranks and Career paths page

Here is the brief overview of the RPG details:

Raised in a Military Academy [Regir]
Home System: Regir
Primary: Soldier
Secondary: Mercenary

In-Game Results:

  • Raised in a military academy, you have known duty and discipline your entire life.
  • You are operating as a soldier of the Empire and will be involved in major offensives the Empire is involved with.
  • Some bounty hunting and military courier work will also be undertaken.

Naval Rank Ascension Mission

Imperial Rank: Outsider

While working as a bounty hunter in my much upgraded Eagle (600k+) , I was looking for the opportunity to get established with the Imperial Navy. Luckily the slave revolt or Sorbago resulted in a request for freelance mercenaries and I was able to quickly get a few kills while working for them. This resulted in my becoming “Friendly” with the Imperial society and a few other linked factions. I was then also able to be given more missions after Sorbago from the bulletin board.

Most of the missions were just working as a courier to nearby systems and involved no cargo space. I then received a Naval Rank Ascension mission, where I needed to source Combat Stabilizers and deliver them to a base. This was actually a bit tricky as the galaxy map trade routes do not appear to be correct. After a quick Google search, I found CD-51 102, was a known location which creates these commodities. They are also illegal in some systems so look out for that.

Imperial Rank: Serf

After delivering, I received the rank of Outsider in the status screen. It would have been nice to receive an in-game information message as well, but all changes are just in there for now.

After not many missions, I was offered another Naval Rank Ascension Mission, this time to deliver performance enhancers. The new rank for this was Serf.

Imperial Rank: Master

A couple more missions (too few in my opinion) resulted in a delivery mission resulting in the Master rank. I have a competent combat rating, so receiving missions may be affected by that.

Imperial Elimination Decree

Imperial Rank: Squire

After reaching the rank of Master, I received a message from an Imperial Information Clerk who provided me the system permit for Achenar. I tried visiting, but it is 20,000 Ls to Achenar 6 > Macmillan base and there wasn’t anything there which was unique. I may have missed it, but unless there is a military base handing out missions, I am not very interested.

Then a new kind of mission appeared for Naval Rank Ascension. They have ordered me to assassinate a traitor and an enemy of the state. This has a 40 hour completion time and was also at a nearby system. I swapped out a few modules to go back to pure combat in my Eagle and jumped to Zhangana to search for the target. I wasn’t actually sure what was required to find the target, so I still had my Frameshift disruptor and kill warrant scanner (mistake).

Elite Dangerous - Eagle Fitting

After flying around for what felt like a lifetime, I found close to the sun was a unidentified signal. After jumping out of cruise, I was immediately attacked. The target was a Imperial Clipper loaded with turrets and not happy to see me. In the battle I managed to strip his shields and cause about 20% hull damage before all shield cells were depleted and I had taken 50% hull damage. It was time to regroup and come back with a different ship. I managed to disengage and felt it was time to dust off the Cobra Mk 3.

This ship was still quite new and used for small scale trading, but I think with my Eagle I actually earn more from bounty hunting anyway. So, a refit was in order. Class 4 power modules were not available at my Regir (High Tech) base. So I used the galaxy map to locate one with a higher population. I had limited funds, but was able to purchase a few upgrades. I was going to go earn some more credits and upgrade the Cobra before the second assault. This was also an opportunity to learn combat in a Cobra. From when I have fought them before, I know they tend to joust and make hit and run attacks to make up for their lack of maneuverability.  I had tried the Viper before, but found it not big enough to warrant the ship handling loss.

So, I spent about an hour hunting and realized against the Imperial Clipper, the Eagle might have been enough if I had used Chaff as my utility slot. This disrupts turret and gimballed weapons and I think would have given me the edge. With the Cobra I was going for Chaff and the kill warrant scanner, just to test for future missions. The shield and power were all upgraded and I fitted 2 gimballed burst lasers with 2 rail guns as secondaries. It was time to go back to Zhangana and re-engage the target.

I jumped in and it took a while to find the correct unidentified signal. When I did he was a short distance away and was Green (Friendly), from his faction’s reputation with me. I wanted him to shoot first. He attacked and I immediately used chaff. This was actually a very one-sided fight and he was struggling to break my shields. I did have a C4 shield Cell which gave me 8 shield regenerations, as long as they are still partially up. The rail guns were okay, but not great. For the increased power use and fitting requirements, I think I will look elsewhere. I was able to strip him down to 30% hull before a collision and he exploded. The Kill warrant scanner for a military elimination mission was a mistake. I only received 400 CR for the kill, but received notice the mission was complete. This then earned me the rank of Squire.

Imperial Rank: Knight

After the elimination mission, I was mostly trading and performing missions for local Imperial factions. This resulted in my becoming Allied with a few system factions. I then received a mission to hunt down 4 pirates suspected of military activity. Basically, I was given 3 systems and told to go hunt. The ships destroyed when doing this all seem to need to be from unidentified signals. After about an hour I had located and killed the 4 ships. This was much easier than the previous mission and I completed it in the Eagle:

Since the battle I have refit to: 2 gimballed burst lasers and 2 gimballed multicannons. I liked these during Beta, so I will give these ones a go for the next target. If the bulletin board kill missions are this easy, then at 150k+ CR each, it has the be the best way of earning credits outside of large scale hauling.


I tried a 150k CR assassination mission and it was a lot harder. The target was an Elite Anaconda armed with plasma cannon. I stayed in for a while until I was hit by the plasma cannon, lost shields and was reduced to 2% hull. I am not sure what ship would be best for a mission like this, but my average fitted Cobra clearly wasn’t up to it.

#Updated 2

It has been a while since this post and I have risen through a few more ranks. I have taken quite a few assassination missions with my Vulture and can safely say for me it is by far the best way of earning credits. Sometimes non-military assassinations just seem to fail to spawn correctly and after checking the 3 systems they provided, I have been forced to abandon the missions. Otherwise, the Vulture is quite capable of taking on an Elite Anaconda even with escorts.

By targeting the Anacondas power plant as a sub-system and using chaff to avoid the worst of the turret fire, you can destroy the ship even if it still has remaining armor. The best paycheck I have received from a single assassination was 555k CR. This included 365k CR from the bounties (after scanning with a kill warrant scanner) and 190k CR for the actual job. The bounties though were scattered around and so would take a while to claim back. The whole mission only took about 5-10 minutes to complete with no damage to my ship.

Sorbago – Imperial Disputed system – Slave revolt

This system is currently [21/12/2014] in a disputed state, with the local government fighting against the Imperial navy. This includes high and low warzones, each offering 3000 CR for the destruction of faction ships. As I am aiming to become established with the Imperial navy, this is the only way I have found to directly work for them.

Inside the war zones on both sides a selection of mostly Pythons, ASPs, Anacondas and Imperial Clippers. Some smaller ships are present and all offer the same bounty.

As I am using a combat spec Eagle, the larger ships take up too much time to wear down. This is a good way of getting some kills though as there is a steady stream of ships to fight against.

The nearest High Tech system for fitting your ship is Amphisatu.

Sorbago - Imperial Disputed system - Slave revolt

Ship Loadouts: Eagle Combat Fits

Below are my first combat fits for the Eagle. There are 2 versions. 1 is for hunting Wanted/victims and the other is dedicated for Warzones.

Eagle – Warzone Fit

This is a fairly expensive fit for the Eagle as it relies upon an upgraded power plant and power distributor. I tried a similar fit in the Viper, but I didn’t get on with it as the Viper is quite sluggish compared to the Eagle. In the current release to date [1.0.3], the Viper and Cobra actually have the same maneuverability, which really is wrong when a Viper is a dedicated combat fighter and the Cobra a larger multi-role ship.

The Frame Shift Drive for this one could be reduced, but not all systems sell drives, so you may need it to get to the warzone anyway. I actually use [L ctrl] for my secondary weapon and use [\] as the fire group selector. This is more useful when hunting targets as in this fit, there is only one secondary. I have considered a top mount beam (usually can hit the target) and gimballed multicannons on the 2 lower mounts.

The lower mounts on the Eagle only hit when you raise your ships nose towards the enemy. The shield cell is very good for a dedicated combat fit. As long as you have some shield strength remaining, each charge completely fills the shields again. I had a C2 Shield Cell on my previous fit, which was better. They just didn’t sell it at the local high tech system and I had removed it to fit a fuel scoop for the journey. The Point Defence was a good choice as in the warzone I was against local security forces and some of them (ASPs mostly) used missiles.

No addtional firegroups are needed with this one. Point Defence is automatic and we only have the Shield Cell fitted.

Good power management is needed as the Burst Lasers only fire for a few seconds even when full power is diverted. You can disable the cargo hatch to save some fitting power. This is quite useful if you don’t have cargo space anyway.

The Ship skin is Red Ignition and available from the official store.

Eagle – Hunter Fit

The hunter fit (image pending) is based around a Bounty Hunter attacking targets within system. This is a combat fit and would be similar to a pirate fit (although you may wish to add a Cargo Scanner or Frame Shift Wake Scanner for that one replacing the Kill Warrant Scanner). Most of the modules are the same as above in the Warzone fit, except the Frame Shift Wake Interdictor is added to bring ships out of super cruise. The Kill Warrant Scanner is added to replace the Point Defence utility slot.

So, I set up 3 firegroups:

  1. All weapons – Frame Shift interdictor
  2. All weapons – Kill Warrant Scanner
  3. All weapons – Shield Cell

The kill warrant scanner with a 2Km range can be a pain as if the target leaves the scanable range you need to start scanning again, but the next upgraded version uses considerably more fitting power. So, it can’t really be avoided and is just part of flying a small light ship.

Good power management is needed as the Burst Lasers only fire for a few seconds even when full power is diverted. You can disable the cargo hatch to save some fitting power. This is quite useful if you don’t have cargo space anyway.

Official Elite: Dangerous Launch Trailer

With Elite Dangerous reaching its release date, FD (frontier Developments) have released the launch trailer below. This has caused quite a reaction from backers of the game as it is not actual in-game footage. FD did state at the start of the Kickstarter project that some features like “walking on stations” and “walking on space ships” would be added as a DLC after the main game had been released.

Its a great video and I think shows the spirit of what FD would like Elite Dangerous to be. I think they still need to fix a few things on the released version, like mining and fleet groups with players. but, the game itself is a big step forward from the Beta release I was playtesting before launch.