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Official Elite: Dangerous Launch Trailer

With Elite Dangerous reaching its release date, FD (frontier Developments) have released the launch trailer below. This has caused quite a reaction from backers of the game as it is not actual in-game footage. FD did state at the start of the Kickstarter project that some features like “walking on stations” and “walking on space ships” would be added as a DLC after the main game had been released.

Its a great video and I think shows the spirit of what FD would like Elite Dangerous to be. I think they still need to fix a few things on the released version, like mining and fleet groups with players. but, the game itself is a big step forward from the Beta release I was playtesting before launch.

Elite: Dangerous Beta 3 Trailer HD

The Elite: Dangerous Beta 3 Trailer showcases a number of the recent changes in the game, released as part of the Beta 3.0 expansion.

Some of these include:

  • 2400 systems currently available.
  • Mining as an occupation.
  • Fuel scooping.
  • New ships in the for of the ASP, Federal Dropship and Imperial Clipper.
  • Players can own more than one ship.
  • The station interface has also changes a great deal.

Elite: Dangerous – The Mighty Anaconda

The Anaconda is currently the most expensive ship a player can own [in Premium Beta 2.02]. From the free sidewinder, the ship costs a whopping 3,863,907 CR and can be purchased from a few places including Freeport in LP 98-132.

While the Lakon type 9 has a larger cargo hold and is cheaper, the Anaconda fulfills the role of a multi-role gunship. It has a fixed mount for a class 8 plasma cannon and enough class 6 hard points for turret mounts to be added.