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Naval Rank Ascension Missions

In Elite Dangerous, I am playing as an RPG character which will be working as a Bounty Hunter and Imperial Mercenary, leading towards a military career as a soldier of the Empire.

Updated Ranks and Career paths page

Here is the brief overview of the RPG details:

Raised in a Military Academy [Regir]
Home System: Regir
Primary: Soldier
Secondary: Mercenary

In-Game Results:

  • Raised in a military academy, you have known duty and discipline your entire life.
  • You are operating as a soldier of the Empire and will be involved in major offensives the Empire is involved with.
  • Some bounty hunting and military courier work will also be undertaken.

Naval Rank Ascension Mission

Imperial Rank: Outsider

While working as a bounty hunter in my much upgraded Eagle (600k+) , I was looking for the opportunity to get established with the Imperial Navy. Luckily the slave revolt or Sorbago resulted in a request for freelance mercenaries and I was able to quickly get a few kills while working for them. This resulted in my becoming “Friendly” with the Imperial society and a few other linked factions. I was then also able to be given more missions after Sorbago from the bulletin board.

Most of the missions were just working as a courier to nearby systems and involved no cargo space. I then received a Naval Rank Ascension mission, where I needed to source Combat Stabilizers and deliver them to a base. This was actually a bit tricky as the galaxy map trade routes do not appear to be correct. After a quick Google search, I found CD-51 102, was a known location which creates these commodities. They are also illegal in some systems so look out for that.

Imperial Rank: Serf

After delivering, I received the rank of Outsider in the status screen. It would have been nice to receive an in-game information message as well, but all changes are just in there for now.

After not many missions, I was offered another Naval Rank Ascension Mission, this time to deliver performance enhancers. The new rank for this was Serf.

Imperial Rank: Master

A couple more missions (too few in my opinion) resulted in a delivery mission resulting in the Master rank. I have a competent combat rating, so receiving missions may be affected by that.

Imperial Elimination Decree

Imperial Rank: Squire

After reaching the rank of Master, I received a message from an Imperial Information Clerk who provided me the system permit for Achenar. I tried visiting, but it is 20,000 Ls to Achenar 6 > Macmillan base and there wasn’t anything there which was unique. I may have missed it, but unless there is a military base handing out missions, I am not very interested.

Then a new kind of mission appeared for Naval Rank Ascension. They have ordered me to assassinate a traitor and an enemy of the state. This has a 40 hour completion time and was also at a nearby system. I swapped out a few modules to go back to pure combat in my Eagle and jumped to Zhangana to search for the target. I wasn’t actually sure what was required to find the target, so I still had my Frameshift disruptor and kill warrant scanner (mistake).

Elite Dangerous - Eagle Fitting

After flying around for what felt like a lifetime, I found close to the sun was a unidentified signal. After jumping out of cruise, I was immediately attacked. The target was a Imperial Clipper loaded with turrets and not happy to see me. In the battle I managed to strip his shields and cause about 20% hull damage before all shield cells were depleted and I had taken 50% hull damage. It was time to regroup and come back with a different ship. I managed to disengage and felt it was time to dust off the Cobra Mk 3.

This ship was still quite new and used for small scale trading, but I think with my Eagle I actually earn more from bounty hunting anyway. So, a refit was in order. Class 4 power modules were not available at my Regir (High Tech) base. So I used the galaxy map to locate one with a higher population. I had limited funds, but was able to purchase a few upgrades. I was going to go earn some more credits and upgrade the Cobra before the second assault. This was also an opportunity to learn combat in a Cobra. From when I have fought them before, I know they tend to joust and make hit and run attacks to make up for their lack of maneuverability.  I had tried the Viper before, but found it not big enough to warrant the ship handling loss.

So, I spent about an hour hunting and realized against the Imperial Clipper, the Eagle might have been enough if I had used Chaff as my utility slot. This disrupts turret and gimballed weapons and I think would have given me the edge. With the Cobra I was going for Chaff and the kill warrant scanner, just to test for future missions. The shield and power were all upgraded and I fitted 2 gimballed burst lasers with 2 rail guns as secondaries. It was time to go back to Zhangana and re-engage the target.

I jumped in and it took a while to find the correct unidentified signal. When I did he was a short distance away and was Green (Friendly), from his faction’s reputation with me. I wanted him to shoot first. He attacked and I immediately used chaff. This was actually a very one-sided fight and he was struggling to break my shields. I did have a C4 shield Cell which gave me 8 shield regenerations, as long as they are still partially up. The rail guns were okay, but not great. For the increased power use and fitting requirements, I think I will look elsewhere. I was able to strip him down to 30% hull before a collision and he exploded. The Kill warrant scanner for a military elimination mission was a mistake. I only received 400 CR for the kill, but received notice the mission was complete. This then earned me the rank of Squire.

Imperial Rank: Knight

After the elimination mission, I was mostly trading and performing missions for local Imperial factions. This resulted in my becoming Allied with a few system factions. I then received a mission to hunt down 4 pirates suspected of military activity. Basically, I was given 3 systems and told to go hunt. The ships destroyed when doing this all seem to need to be from unidentified signals. After about an hour I had located and killed the 4 ships. This was much easier than the previous mission and I completed it in the Eagle:

Since the battle I have refit to: 2 gimballed burst lasers and 2 gimballed multicannons. I liked these during Beta, so I will give these ones a go for the next target. If the bulletin board kill missions are this easy, then at 150k+ CR each, it has the be the best way of earning credits outside of large scale hauling.


I tried a 150k CR assassination mission and it was a lot harder. The target was an Elite Anaconda armed with plasma cannon. I stayed in for a while until I was hit by the plasma cannon, lost shields and was reduced to 2% hull. I am not sure what ship would be best for a mission like this, but my average fitted Cobra clearly wasn’t up to it.

#Updated 2

It has been a while since this post and I have risen through a few more ranks. I have taken quite a few assassination missions with my Vulture and can safely say for me it is by far the best way of earning credits. Sometimes non-military assassinations just seem to fail to spawn correctly and after checking the 3 systems they provided, I have been forced to abandon the missions. Otherwise, the Vulture is quite capable of taking on an Elite Anaconda even with escorts.

By targeting the Anacondas power plant as a sub-system and using chaff to avoid the worst of the turret fire, you can destroy the ship even if it still has remaining armor. The best paycheck I have received from a single assassination was 555k CR. This included 365k CR from the bounties (after scanning with a kill warrant scanner) and 190k CR for the actual job. The bounties though were scattered around and so would take a while to claim back. The whole mission only took about 5-10 minutes to complete with no damage to my ship.

Sorbago – Imperial Disputed system – Slave revolt

This system is currently [21/12/2014] in a disputed state, with the local government fighting against the Imperial navy. This includes high and low warzones, each offering 3000 CR for the destruction of faction ships. As I am aiming to become established with the Imperial navy, this is the only way I have found to directly work for them.

Inside the war zones on both sides a selection of mostly Pythons, ASPs, Anacondas and Imperial Clippers. Some smaller ships are present and all offer the same bounty.

As I am using a combat spec Eagle, the larger ships take up too much time to wear down. This is a good way of getting some kills though as there is a steady stream of ships to fight against.

The nearest High Tech system for fitting your ship is Amphisatu.

Sorbago - Imperial Disputed system - Slave revolt

Ship Loadouts: Eagle Combat Fits

Below are my first combat fits for the Eagle. There are 2 versions. 1 is for hunting Wanted/victims and the other is dedicated for Warzones.

Eagle – Warzone Fit

This is a fairly expensive fit for the Eagle as it relies upon an upgraded power plant and power distributor. I tried a similar fit in the Viper, but I didn’t get on with it as the Viper is quite sluggish compared to the Eagle. In the current release to date [1.0.3], the Viper and Cobra actually have the same maneuverability, which really is wrong when a Viper is a dedicated combat fighter and the Cobra a larger multi-role ship.

The Frame Shift Drive for this one could be reduced, but not all systems sell drives, so you may need it to get to the warzone anyway. I actually use [L ctrl] for my secondary weapon and use [\] as the fire group selector. This is more useful when hunting targets as in this fit, there is only one secondary. I have considered a top mount beam (usually can hit the target) and gimballed multicannons on the 2 lower mounts.

The lower mounts on the Eagle only hit when you raise your ships nose towards the enemy. The shield cell is very good for a dedicated combat fit. As long as you have some shield strength remaining, each charge completely fills the shields again. I had a C2 Shield Cell on my previous fit, which was better. They just didn’t sell it at the local high tech system and I had removed it to fit a fuel scoop for the journey. The Point Defence was a good choice as in the warzone I was against local security forces and some of them (ASPs mostly) used missiles.

No addtional firegroups are needed with this one. Point Defence is automatic and we only have the Shield Cell fitted.

Good power management is needed as the Burst Lasers only fire for a few seconds even when full power is diverted. You can disable the cargo hatch to save some fitting power. This is quite useful if you don’t have cargo space anyway.

The Ship skin is Red Ignition and available from the official store.

Eagle – Hunter Fit

The hunter fit (image pending) is based around a Bounty Hunter attacking targets within system. This is a combat fit and would be similar to a pirate fit (although you may wish to add a Cargo Scanner or Frame Shift Wake Scanner for that one replacing the Kill Warrant Scanner). Most of the modules are the same as above in the Warzone fit, except the Frame Shift Wake Interdictor is added to bring ships out of super cruise. The Kill Warrant Scanner is added to replace the Point Defence utility slot.

So, I set up 3 firegroups:

  1. All weapons – Frame Shift interdictor
  2. All weapons – Kill Warrant Scanner
  3. All weapons – Shield Cell

The kill warrant scanner with a 2Km range can be a pain as if the target leaves the scanable range you need to start scanning again, but the next upgraded version uses considerably more fitting power. So, it can’t really be avoided and is just part of flying a small light ship.

Good power management is needed as the Burst Lasers only fire for a few seconds even when full power is diverted. You can disable the cargo hatch to save some fitting power. This is quite useful if you don’t have cargo space anyway.

Official Elite: Dangerous Launch Trailer

With Elite Dangerous reaching its release date, FD (frontier Developments) have released the launch trailer below. This has caused quite a reaction from backers of the game as it is not actual in-game footage. FD did state at the start of the Kickstarter project that some features like “walking on stations” and “walking on space ships” would be added as a DLC after the main game had been released.

Its a great video and I think shows the spirit of what FD would like Elite Dangerous to be. I think they still need to fix a few things on the released version, like mining and fleet groups with players. but, the game itself is a big step forward from the Beta release I was playtesting before launch.

Mining Commodities

Below is the prices to serve as a guide of which minerals and metals are the most valuable:

Painite 33000
Bertrandite 2694
Indite 2378
Gallite 2101
Coltan 1550
Urannite 1029
Lepidolite 700
Rutile 412
Bauxite 216

Updated 07/04/2015 – Used for guidelines only.

METALS Average
Platinum 18809
Palladium 13527
Gold 9742
Beryllium 8549
Indium 6175
Gallium 5426
Silver 5088
Tantalum 4196
Uranium 2869
Lithium 1749
Titanium 1154
Cobalt 823
Copper 570
Aluminium 412


Standard Beta is released!

Today see’s the release of Standard Beta with a number of new additions made. I will be checking how these new changes relate to Premium Beta and will verify if there have been changes to ships or system locations.

New Beta 1 Features

  • 55 star systems covering 29,000 cubic light years
  • Initial online mission system functionality added (to be further developed through Beta)
  • Player-to-player communication by text and voice added
  • Friends management and matchmaking added
  • Private Group play option added
  • Solo play option added
  • Overview trade route mapping added
  • The concept of fuel consumption added
  • Docking computers added to assist with safe landings
  • Additional Viper heavy fighter and Lakon Type 6 medium trader ships added

Elite Dangerous Vipers near a sun

What Eagle skin do you prefer and why?

In the Frontier Developments #30 newsletter, they showcased some example ship skins for the Eagle.

The question is, which of the following skins do you prefer and why?

Eagle paint Jobs WIP with numbers

For me, i’m going for 06 (black) and 08 (medium blue). Some of the others looked good, but look a little too much like a kids toy.. It will be interesting to see how ships like the Cobra Mk II I and the Viper mk II look with a new paint job too.


Frontier Development have released new ship skins for the Eagle and Sidewinder as part of the Beta release. Click here for more info:

Standard beta to be released on 29th July 2014

Frontier Developments have released their #33 newsletter, detailing upcoming changes and the iminent release of the next version.

On 29th July, Standard beta will be available for both the combat missions and the multiplayer game. The lifetime expansion pass will no longer be available from this date, so make sure you make the most of the opportunity to purchase all major DLC content for the reduced price.

Other topics covered are:

Peek of the Week

The Lakon Type-6 is coming along nicely and a WIP (work-in-progress) render is available here:
Lakon Type-6 WIP render

.. and some cockpit pics of the Lakon Type-6:

Lakon type 6 - cockpit

Lakon type 6 - cockpit 2

From newsletter #32, we saw another upcoming ship which looks a lot like the Viper Mk II. I have read law enforcement response is one of the things to be included in Standard Beta and the no fire areas around stations will be patrolled (or at least reinforced) by the stations defence forces.

Viper mk II WIP render

Paint Jobs

One new addition is the possibility of purchasing paint jobs for your ships. In newsletter #30, F.D. released an example of different paint jobs (below) and in newsletter 33 they have an example of the Eagle in glorious camoflage. The specifics of how much the paint jobs will cost have not currently been stated.

Eagle paint Jobs WIP

The Eagle demonstrated on newsletter #33, click for the Youtube video:

Plan Your Route to Riches

Another addition coming with Standard Beta is a visual representation of the trade routes for each commodity from a given base. This is shown on the Galaxy map and suggests changes to the user interface inside the stations.

Taking screen captures with ALT+F10

There was also an overview of how Elite: Dangerous is being built with the future in mind. The rending engine supports resolutions up to 4k already, so if you press ALT+F10 for a high resolution screen capture, it created the image at 4X the current resolution.