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Naval Rank Ascension Missions

In Elite Dangerous, I am playing as an RPG character which will be working as a Bounty Hunter and Imperial Mercenary, leading towards a military career as a soldier of the Empire.

Updated Ranks and Career paths page

Here is the brief overview of the RPG details:

Raised in a Military Academy [Regir]
Home System: Regir
Primary: Soldier
Secondary: Mercenary

In-Game Results:

  • Raised in a military academy, you have known duty and discipline your entire life.
  • You are operating as a soldier of the Empire and will be involved in major offensives the Empire is involved with.
  • Some bounty hunting and military courier work will also be undertaken.

Naval Rank Ascension Mission

Imperial Rank: Outsider

While working as a bounty hunter in my much upgraded Eagle (600k+) , I was looking for the opportunity to get established with the Imperial Navy. Luckily the slave revolt or Sorbago resulted in a request for freelance mercenaries and I was able to quickly get a few kills while working for them. This resulted in my becoming “Friendly” with the Imperial society and a few other linked factions. I was then also able to be given more missions after Sorbago from the bulletin board.

Most of the missions were just working as a courier to nearby systems and involved no cargo space. I then received a Naval Rank Ascension mission, where I needed to source Combat Stabilizers and deliver them to a base. This was actually a bit tricky as the galaxy map trade routes do not appear to be correct. After a quick Google search, I found CD-51 102, was a known location which creates these commodities. They are also illegal in some systems so look out for that.

Imperial Rank: Serf

After delivering, I received the rank of Outsider in the status screen. It would have been nice to receive an in-game information message as well, but all changes are just in there for now.

After not many missions, I was offered another Naval Rank Ascension Mission, this time to deliver performance enhancers. The new rank for this was Serf.

Imperial Rank: Master

A couple more missions (too few in my opinion) resulted in a delivery mission resulting in the Master rank. I have a competent combat rating, so receiving missions may be affected by that.

Imperial Elimination Decree

Imperial Rank: Squire

After reaching the rank of Master, I received a message from an Imperial Information Clerk who provided me the system permit for Achenar. I tried visiting, but it is 20,000 Ls to Achenar 6 > Macmillan base and there wasn’t anything there which was unique. I may have missed it, but unless there is a military base handing out missions, I am not very interested.

Then a new kind of mission appeared for Naval Rank Ascension. They have ordered me to assassinate a traitor and an enemy of the state. This has a 40 hour completion time and was also at a nearby system. I swapped out a few modules to go back to pure combat in my Eagle and jumped to Zhangana to search for the target. I wasn’t actually sure what was required to find the target, so I still had my Frameshift disruptor and kill warrant scanner (mistake).

Elite Dangerous - Eagle Fitting

After flying around for what felt like a lifetime, I found close to the sun was a unidentified signal. After jumping out of cruise, I was immediately attacked. The target was a Imperial Clipper loaded with turrets and not happy to see me. In the battle I managed to strip his shields and cause about 20% hull damage before all shield cells were depleted and I had taken 50% hull damage. It was time to regroup and come back with a different ship. I managed to disengage and felt it was time to dust off the Cobra Mk 3.

This ship was still quite new and used for small scale trading, but I think with my Eagle I actually earn more from bounty hunting anyway. So, a refit was in order. Class 4 power modules were not available at my Regir (High Tech) base. So I used the galaxy map to locate one with a higher population. I had limited funds, but was able to purchase a few upgrades. I was going to go earn some more credits and upgrade the Cobra before the second assault. This was also an opportunity to learn combat in a Cobra. From when I have fought them before, I know they tend to joust and make hit and run attacks to make up for their lack of maneuverability.  I had tried the Viper before, but found it not big enough to warrant the ship handling loss.

So, I spent about an hour hunting and realized against the Imperial Clipper, the Eagle might have been enough if I had used Chaff as my utility slot. This disrupts turret and gimballed weapons and I think would have given me the edge. With the Cobra I was going for Chaff and the kill warrant scanner, just to test for future missions. The shield and power were all upgraded and I fitted 2 gimballed burst lasers with 2 rail guns as secondaries. It was time to go back to Zhangana and re-engage the target.

I jumped in and it took a while to find the correct unidentified signal. When I did he was a short distance away and was Green (Friendly), from his faction’s reputation with me. I wanted him to shoot first. He attacked and I immediately used chaff. This was actually a very one-sided fight and he was struggling to break my shields. I did have a C4 shield Cell which gave me 8 shield regenerations, as long as they are still partially up. The rail guns were okay, but not great. For the increased power use and fitting requirements, I think I will look elsewhere. I was able to strip him down to 30% hull before a collision and he exploded. The Kill warrant scanner for a military elimination mission was a mistake. I only received 400 CR for the kill, but received notice the mission was complete. This then earned me the rank of Squire.

Imperial Rank: Knight

After the elimination mission, I was mostly trading and performing missions for local Imperial factions. This resulted in my becoming Allied with a few system factions. I then received a mission to hunt down 4 pirates suspected of military activity. Basically, I was given 3 systems and told to go hunt. The ships destroyed when doing this all seem to need to be from unidentified signals. After about an hour I had located and killed the 4 ships. This was much easier than the previous mission and I completed it in the Eagle:

Since the battle I have refit to: 2 gimballed burst lasers and 2 gimballed multicannons. I liked these during Beta, so I will give these ones a go for the next target. If the bulletin board kill missions are this easy, then at 150k+ CR each, it has the be the best way of earning credits outside of large scale hauling.


I tried a 150k CR assassination mission and it was a lot harder. The target was an Elite Anaconda armed with plasma cannon. I stayed in for a while until I was hit by the plasma cannon, lost shields and was reduced to 2% hull. I am not sure what ship would be best for a mission like this, but my average fitted Cobra clearly wasn’t up to it.

#Updated 2

It has been a while since this post and I have risen through a few more ranks. I have taken quite a few assassination missions with my Vulture and can safely say for me it is by far the best way of earning credits. Sometimes non-military assassinations just seem to fail to spawn correctly and after checking the 3 systems they provided, I have been forced to abandon the missions. Otherwise, the Vulture is quite capable of taking on an Elite Anaconda even with escorts.

By targeting the Anacondas power plant as a sub-system and using chaff to avoid the worst of the turret fire, you can destroy the ship even if it still has remaining armor. The best paycheck I have received from a single assassination was 555k CR. This included 365k CR from the bounties (after scanning with a kill warrant scanner) and 190k CR for the actual job. The bounties though were scattered around and so would take a while to claim back. The whole mission only took about 5-10 minutes to complete with no damage to my ship.