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Elite: Dangerous Beta 3 Trailer HD

The Elite: Dangerous Beta 3 Trailer showcases a number of the recent changes in the game, released as part of the Beta 3.0 expansion.

Some of these include:

  • 2400 systems currently available.
  • Mining as an occupation.
  • Fuel scooping.
  • New ships in the for of the ASP, Federal Dropship and Imperial Clipper.
  • Players can own more than one ship.
  • The station interface has also changes a great deal.

Mining Commodities

Below is the prices to serve as a guide of which minerals and metals are the most valuable:

Painite 33000
Bertrandite 2694
Indite 2378
Gallite 2101
Coltan 1550
Urannite 1029
Lepidolite 700
Rutile 412
Bauxite 216

Updated 07/04/2015 – Used for guidelines only.

METALS Average
Platinum 18809
Palladium 13527
Gold 9742
Beryllium 8549
Indium 6175
Gallium 5426
Silver 5088
Tantalum 4196
Uranium 2869
Lithium 1749
Titanium 1154
Cobalt 823
Copper 570
Aluminium 412


Standard Beta is released!

Today see’s the release of Standard Beta with a number of new additions made. I will be checking how these new changes relate to Premium Beta and will verify if there have been changes to ships or system locations.

New Beta 1 Features

  • 55 star systems covering 29,000 cubic light years
  • Initial online mission system functionality added (to be further developed through Beta)
  • Player-to-player communication by text and voice added
  • Friends management and matchmaking added
  • Private Group play option added
  • Solo play option added
  • Overview trade route mapping added
  • The concept of fuel consumption added
  • Docking computers added to assist with safe landings
  • Additional Viper heavy fighter and Lakon Type 6 medium trader ships added

Elite Dangerous Vipers near a sun

What Eagle skin do you prefer and why?

In the Frontier Developments #30 newsletter, they showcased some example ship skins for the Eagle.

The question is, which of the following skins do you prefer and why?

Eagle paint Jobs WIP with numbers

For me, i’m going for 06 (black) and 08 (medium blue). Some of the others looked good, but look a little too much like a kids toy.. It will be interesting to see how ships like the Cobra Mk II I and the Viper mk II look with a new paint job too.


Frontier Development have released new ship skins for the Eagle and Sidewinder as part of the Beta release. Click here for more info:

Standard beta to be released on 29th July 2014

Frontier Developments have released their #33 newsletter, detailing upcoming changes and the iminent release of the next version.

On 29th July, Standard beta will be available for both the combat missions and the multiplayer game. The lifetime expansion pass will no longer be available from this date, so make sure you make the most of the opportunity to purchase all major DLC content for the reduced price.

Other topics covered are:

Peek of the Week

The Lakon Type-6 is coming along nicely and a WIP (work-in-progress) render is available here:
Lakon Type-6 WIP render

.. and some cockpit pics of the Lakon Type-6:

Lakon type 6 - cockpit

Lakon type 6 - cockpit 2

From newsletter #32, we saw another upcoming ship which looks a lot like the Viper Mk II. I have read law enforcement response is one of the things to be included in Standard Beta and the no fire areas around stations will be patrolled (or at least reinforced) by the stations defence forces.

Viper mk II WIP render

Paint Jobs

One new addition is the possibility of purchasing paint jobs for your ships. In newsletter #30, F.D. released an example of different paint jobs (below) and in newsletter 33 they have an example of the Eagle in glorious camoflage. The specifics of how much the paint jobs will cost have not currently been stated.

Eagle paint Jobs WIP

The Eagle demonstrated on newsletter #33, click for the Youtube video:

Plan Your Route to Riches

Another addition coming with Standard Beta is a visual representation of the trade routes for each commodity from a given base. This is shown on the Galaxy map and suggests changes to the user interface inside the stations.

Taking screen captures with ALT+F10

There was also an overview of how Elite: Dangerous is being built with the future in mind. The rending engine supports resolutions up to 4k already, so if you press ALT+F10 for a high resolution screen capture, it created the image at 4X the current resolution.

Elite: Dangerous – The Mighty Anaconda

The Anaconda is currently the most expensive ship a player can own [in Premium Beta 2.02]. From the free sidewinder, the ship costs a whopping 3,863,907 CR and can be purchased from a few places including Freeport in LP 98-132.

While the Lakon type 9 has a larger cargo hold and is cheaper, the Anaconda fulfills the role of a multi-role gunship. It has a fixed mount for a class 8 plasma cannon and enough class 6 hard points for turret mounts to be added.