Advanced Ship Management Techniques

In Elite Dangerous there are a number of features that provide additional control over the player’s ship and their systems:


These are used to assign fire buttons to weapons or ship modules. Players commonly assign firegroups for modules such as Kill Warrant Scanners, Frameshift Drive Interdictors and Frameshift Wake Scanner. They can also be used for assigning chaff, shield cells or heat sinks to secondary fire groups.

Advanced Ship Management Techniques Modules

Module Power Management

Inside the Modules screen, there is the list of modules and the amount of power currently being used. You can switch modules off if needed (you do not wish to remove a good quality fuel scoop as they are difficult to find at your location) and specify which modules have are of the higher priority. If you suffer disruption to your ship power systems, you can ensure the life support, shields and thrusters remain operational by increasing their priority. Another option is to switch the cargo hatch module off if you have a dedicated combat ship with no cargo space.

Ship Power Management

Good power management is something which can set apart a good player from a very good one. There should always be a focus for power with whatever situation you are currently in. If in combat, you would most likely require energy for weapons or shields. While in general flight, assigning power to engines increases your top speed.

Advanced Ship Management Techniques Functions


The functions screen provides a multitude of options including Faction selection from within a warzone. There is also options for how turrets behave with target selection. If you are looking to take screen shots, you may wish to turn off the orbit lines from this screen. Reboot/Repair is an option when you can cannibalize working modules to repair a module with less than 5% health. If you do not have a module over 5% or a module with less than 5%, this process will fail. The ship will also not respond during this process.


When interdicted by another ship, first try to escape normally. You can reduce your speed to help keep the ship in the exit corridor, but if it looks like you will be caught, it is better to reduce your speed to zero and submit to the interdiction. This results in a much less frameshift drive cool down of only 10 seconds instead of 40 by default.
Switch to full speed, assign power to engines and boost away while lining up to the current destination.

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