With a galaxy modeled from our own Milky Way galaxy, Elite: Dangerous offers a staggering 100 billion systems for players to share and explore this MMORPG.

The game enables the player who begins with a Sidewinder and a few credits to have the freedom to play the game however they like. The player could decide to play the game either solo or with theirĀ  friends. To play as a trader, miner, bounty hunter or pirate. Or, even to join one of the larger factions like the Federation or Imperium who are currently at war with each other and some nearby Independent systems.

One refreshing aspect to this game is that the game does not require a subscription after purchasing the game. Frontier Developments have stated they plan to support and develop Elite: Dangerous with new content like walking on ships/stations and docking on planets. Although, some future content may be DLC.

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  1. Its not 400 billion systems, but 400 billion stars …
    since some systems have more than one star, there will be about 100 billion systems!

    nice website!

    Commander Mutant

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